Policy Purpose

To ensure that staff and the public are aware and can easily access the parameters regarding - fees for a variety of services, as well as the associated recovery costs of damaged equipment. 

Key Points Summary

  • Fees are charged for services such as printing, room rentals and the recovery costs for lost or damaged equipment 
  • Borrowing privileges for physical materials are suspended once a designated number of overdue materials have not been returned to the library. Please see the Borrowing Policy.  
  • Fees are set by the Library Board as stipulated by the Public Library Act. A summary of fees is provided for the following categories:  
  • Non-resident fees. 
  • Damaged or lost equipment. 
  • Printing, photocopying and Makerspace fees. 
  • Local History & Archives image reproduction fees. 
  • Program room and space rental fees are identified in the Working with Us Policy.  


Commercial Use applies to images that are intended for resale or reproduction in advertising, items for resale or other revenue generating enterprises.  Examples include, but are not limited to: merchandise, books for sale (including textbooks and academic publications), periodicals and journals with paid subscriptions, commercial websites, etc.  Purchase of images for commercial use provides non-exclusive, one-time use for 1 year. Hamilton Public Library and its designates retain the right to solely determine if the intended use is non-commercial or commercial. 

Digital Equipment refers to technology devices and accessories available for loan or use at a Makerspace, Library collections or at any Library location. 

Fees are charges related to service fees, room rentals, or recovery costs for damaged equipment. 

Fines are daily charges that are applied to a borrower’s card after a book or other borrowed item is returned past its due date.  As of June 2020, youth fines and fees on physical collection materials have been permanently eliminated.  As of April 2021, adult fines and fees on physical collection materials have also been permanently eliminated. 

Library Materials are items that can be borrowed from the Library, such as books, DVDs, magazines or video games. 

Services are resources or programs that the Library offers, such as printing and Local History and Archives image reproduction. 

Makerspace refers to a range of digital creative services such as 3D printing, and digitization including sound and photo studios that are available at many Library locations. 

Non-Commercial Use applies to images intended for artistic, educational, and/or personal projects that will not be marketed, promoted, or sold for monetary compensation.  Examples include, but are not limited to: presentations, personal research, websites/blogs (personal, civic and/or non-profit), remix projects, academic research papers (theses/dissertations), newscasts, newsletters, brochures, etc.  Hamilton Public Library and its designates retain the right to solely determine if the intended use is non-commercial or commercial. 

Policy Details

How to pay fees: 

Members can pay fees online or at a service desk at any location.  

Service Fees

Cards and other Service Fees  

  • Non-resident Card - Annual – in 2020 - $60; 2021 - $80; 2022 - $100 
  • Hamilton Public Library does not charge fines on overdue materials borrowed from its collections. However, interlibrary loan materials borrowed from other libraries outside of the Hamilton Public Library will incur fines charged by the loaning library. 
  • Interlibrary Loan - $25 

Printing and Photocopying Fees 

  • Black & white - $0.10 per page  
  • Colour - $0.25 per page 
  • The first five pages of B&W or two coloured page of print or photocopy are free with the library card. The number of free print/photocopy pages are reset daily and cannot be accumulated. 

Note: Number of free prints or photocopies may be temporarily increased due to special circumstances such as the pandemic.  

Makerspace Service Fees 


  • 3D Printing - $0.10 per gram for filament - $0.30 per gram of resin 
  • Large Format Printing 36 inch wide – cost of ink per ml + cost of material per foot 
  • $0.75 per ml of ink 
  • $2 per linear foot for Matte paper  
  • $2.0 per linear foot for premium and photo paper  

Vinyl Cutting  

  • Vinyl Cutting - $1 per foot for vinyl 
  • Vinyl Printing & Cutting – cost of ink per ml + cost of material per foot 
  • $0.75 per ml of ink 
  • $2.00 per foot for standard vinyl 
  • $3.00 per foot for premium vinyl 


  • $1.00 per sheet of vinyl 
  • $0.50 per sheet of cardstock 



  • $2 per 10,000 stitches ($2 minimum) – thread 
  • $0.50 per foot (1-foot minimum)– backing material 
  • Sewing – Standard sewing $1.5 per 30 min – Serger sewing $3 per 30 min 

Laser Cutting and Engraving 

  • $10 per 12x19 in board - $5 per 12x9 in board  


  • $1 per sheet (letter size) 

Members are required to use Library-supplied materials for print and Makerspace services, to reduce damage to equipment. Exceptions are allowed for some items i.e., fabric for embroidery and vinyl/veneer and paper for Cricut. 

New makerspace and digital services are added from time to time. Fees for new additions will be consistent with other rates in this policy, where possible, and must cover Library costs. 

Local History and Archives Service Fees 

Image Reproduction  

  • Non-Commercial Use - $20/image (300 DPI JPEG); $30/image (600 DPI TIFF) 
  • Commercial Use - $40/image (300 DPI JPEG); $50/image (600 DPI TIFF) 

Additional Fees 

  • New Digital Image - $20 per scanned image 
  • Rush Orders (2 business days) 
  • 1-5 images: $20 per order 
  • 6-20 images: $50 per order 
  • 21+ images: $100 per order 
  • Shipping Fees within Canada - $5 per order 
  • Shipping Fees international - $15 per order 

Lost or Damaged Materials/Equipment Fees  

Members are responsible for paying fees to cover the cost of loss or damage of: 

  • makerspace equipment or other digital devices that are borrowed for use inside or outside a library location. 
  • Interlibrary Loans at the full rate assigned by the lending institution at the time the item is determined lost or missing. 

The Library does not accept substitutes for lost or damaged material in lieu of fees for lost costs. 

Makerspace and other Digital Equipment 

  • Auxiliary items: Cables, Drumsticks, Microphone stands/SD Card - $25 
  • Tripod, Video Camera/Elgato, etc. - $90 
  • Speakers, BluRay Burner, USB Microphone, etc. - $130 
  • Wacom tablet/Scanner, etc. - $225 
  • Camera, GoPro, Drum Kit, Keyboard, Guitars, Cricut - $500 
  • Devices with data plans - $200 
  • Kiosk iPads - $500 
  • Kiosk Laptops - $1100 

Fees for loss or damage of newer equipment that is added to the Makerspace from time to time will be consistent with other rates in this policy, where possible, and must cover the cost of repair or replacement of the items. 

Publish Date

February 2023